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Continuous Delivery Server Go wird Open Source

By |2016-12-30T15:07:47+01:0021. März 2014|Continuous Delivery|

Im Februar 2014 wurde von Thoughtworks angekündigt, dass der Firmen-eigene Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Server Go zukünftig unter der „Apache License 2.0″ steht und damit als Open Source Software veröffentlicht wird. Continue reading “Continuous Delivery Server Go wird Open Source” »


How Git persists its data

By |2014-04-19T22:28:18+01:0013. Februar 2014|Git|

JAXenter recently published an article about how Git persists its data. The article gives you a quick introduction of Git's underlying datamodel and explains how this influences the commands you use on a daily basis. Besides the datastore, it also explains how things like refs, HEAD, index or tags work


Better support for shallow clones in Git 1.9

By |2014-04-25T11:10:08+01:006. Februar 2014|Git|

If you add the parameter "--depth " when using "git clone", this will cause what is described in  documentation of git clone as follows: Create a shallow clone with a history truncated to the specified number of revisions. A shallow repository has a number of limitations (you cannot clone or fetch from it,


EGit 3.2 will support interactive rebase

By |2019-03-06T15:03:10+01:0018. Dezember 2013|Git|

One big feature that used to be missing in EGit compared to the native git client is interactive rebase. You can have an introduction of this feature at or The good news is that EGit 3.2 (to be released in December 2013) will bring feature support for interactive


Atlassian releases JIRA 6

By |2016-12-29T11:57:51+01:0022. Mai 2013|JIRA|

Atlassian just released JIRA 6 with a bunch of new features besides a new and simplified style. You can get a quick overview by visiting the "what's new" pages or have a deeper look at the full release notes. In summary, JIRA 6 is about: simpler and smarter style with automatic


Have a look at JIRA 6

By |2015-09-25T16:20:50+01:0010. Mai 2013|JIRA|

Besides the release of JIRA 6.0 RC 1, Atlassian created a short trailer about JIRA 6. This one gives you the possibility to have a look at the new UI. The new style of JIRA 6 is very minimalistic and is similar to Stash. Besides that, JIRA 6 features mobile optimized


Atlassian Stash 2.4 released with lots of cool stuff

By |2016-12-29T11:57:55+01:007. Mai 2013|DevTools, Git, Stash|

Stash 2.4, released in early may, brings some really cool new features. From an enterprise point of view, the release notes can be summarized this way: Stash now supports forking It's possible to set permissions for individual repositories (previously only project-based permissions were possible) Personal repositories (comparable to personal spaces in


SubGit for Subversion to Git migrations

By |2016-12-29T11:58:12+01:0025. Februar 2013|Git|

When migrating Subversion (SVN) to Git, the default tool to use is git-svn which is included in the Git distribution. That’s nice when directly switching over to Git, as you only need a one-time repository conversion. Continue reading “SubGit for Subversion to Git migrations” »


Tool-Integration mit OSLC und Eclipse Lyo

By |2019-03-06T15:03:10+01:0030. Januar 2013|Softwareentwicklung|

Vor längerem bin ich schon über die sehr interessante "Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) initiative" gestolpert, die sich auf ihrer Webseite wie folgt vorstellt: An open community dedicated to making it easier to use lifecycle tools in combination Es geht also konkret um das Thema Integration von verschiedenen Werkzeugen


How to use the Quartz Scheduler in your JIRA plugin

By |2014-04-19T01:06:52+01:0021. Januar 2013|Atlassian News, JIRA|

Quartz is a very popular scheduler library for Java. It is commonly used for periodically executed tasks. We use it in our plugin, all worked fine,  until a customer complained about JIRA filter subscriptions being sent twice whenever the plugin is active. Continue reading “How to use the Quartz Scheduler


Options for setting up a git server

By |2016-12-29T11:58:24+01:0031. August 2012|DevTools, Git, Stash|

The following table shows some options for setting up a git server: Server Licensing Compatibility Notes Atlassian Stash Commercial Java-based Atlassian FishEye (2.7+) Commercial Java-based Git repository hosting is deprecated Gitblit Apache 2 Java-based gitolite GPL v2 Gerrit Apache 2 Java-based Code review tool that can also be used as