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How to rollback changes with Git

Von |2014-04-19T22:30:49+02:008. Mai 2013|Git|

Bad things happen… Sometimes you commit a change that you want to rollback afterwards. There are multiple ways to rollback changes with Git. Each solution has it advantages and matches another use case. Here is an overview of some of the possible approaches that I tend to use. Continue reading


Atlassian Stash 2.4 released with lots of cool stuff

Von |2016-12-29T11:57:55+01:007. Mai 2013|DevTools, Git, Stash|

Stash 2.4, released in early may, brings some really cool new features. From an enterprise point of view, the release notes can be summarized this way: Stash now supports forking It's possible to set permissions for individual repositories (previously only project-based permissions were possible) Personal repositories (comparable to personal spaces in


SubGit for Subversion to Git migrations

Von |2016-12-29T11:58:12+01:0025. Februar 2013|Git|

When migrating Subversion (SVN) to Git, the default tool to use is git-svn which is included in the Git distribution. That’s nice when directly switching over to Git, as you only need a one-time repository conversion. Continue reading “SubGit for Subversion to Git migrations” »


Build infrastructure winners 2012? [updated]

Von |2017-12-15T12:29:58+01:0019. Dezember 2012|Git, Softwareentwicklung|

Peeking around oss projects, it is hard not to notice that many projects are switching to github, and that many also started using gradle as the build tool. And, from a non oss point of view, I have witnessed many customers switching (I would call it rather „fleeing“) from subversion


Options for setting up a git server

Von |2016-12-29T11:58:24+01:0031. August 2012|DevTools, Git, Stash|

The following table shows some options for setting up a git server: Server Licensing Compatibility Notes Atlassian Stash Commercial Java-based Atlassian FishEye (2.7+) Commercial Java-based Git repository hosting is deprecated Gitblit Apache 2 Java-based gitolite GPL v2 Gerrit Apache 2 Java-based Code review tool that can also be used as



Von |2014-04-19T22:33:35+02:0023. Mai 2011|Git|

Die Firma TMate hat mit SubGit eine Software vorgestellt, die in ein SVN- ein Git-Repository integriert, so dass man sowohl mit Git- als auch SVN-Clients arbeiten kann. Die Änderungen zwischen den beiden Repositories werden automatisch durch Hook-Skripte synchronisiert. Im Gegensatz zu git-svn, welches nur eine Art Git-Wrapper um ein Subversion-Repository


Git, JGit and EGit

Von |2015-04-07T08:52:42+02:0015. Oktober 2010|Git|

Git is the new star at the version control system heaven. It is a distributed version control system. The whole repository with complete history and every revision is stored at your local computer. That makes it a breeze to use, remote access is rarely needed and repository operations are very